beep beep beep

That's the sound of a big moving truck backing into my blog.

I'm debating whether or not I should move away from typepad and onto a free platform like WordPress or Blogger. I am po, and paying for typepad every month seems kind of dumb. Plus, I've managed to do some kind of convulted thing wherein I can no longer edit the sidebars in this template. That's why there's no BRAINS FOR LUNCH up there, and that's why I haven't changed the books or music in, like, decades.

Possibly, I will find a new typepad template and continue to dumbly pay money. I don't know yet. I don't have a lot of time or patience. But I wanted to warn you that things might start looking weird over here.

In other news, Ike-a-saurus now says "ELBOW!" very loudly and proudly. He won't say short, easy words, but he's all about "elbow". Mostly, we all run around yelling ELBOW ELBOW ELBOW to encourage him. If you were to happen upon our home at an unsuspecting moment you might be confused.

In additional other news, my wallet has been missing since Sunday. Have you seen it? It was on the sideboard Saturday night and now it is gone. We have turned the place upside down, checked the trash, recycling, all couch cushions, closets, piles of clothes, bags, orifices, drawers, cabinets, toilets, EVERYWHERE. I'm beginning to think we have pesky house elves or a spontaneous black hole opened up in my living room.

I'm off to write 1667 words. NaNoWriMo waits for no wallet! But ugly blogs might get to butt in line.

Not sure what that means other than I have to go now and write about telepathic space narwhals.

5 thoughts on “beep beep beep

  1. Is your new book really about Narwhals? I did not know that when I said seeing Ike at the signing was like seeing a narwhal – rare and impressive. Who knew I was making such a with-it reference. Not me, that’s for sure.
    I’m on blogger, and I like the free. Although I’m also paying a yearly (albeit smallish) fee to register a domain name for when I (HAHAHAHA)learn HTML.


  2. Another free option is Not the *most* customizable platform out there, but it works for what we need it to do, and when you’re mostly just blogging you wouldn’t need a ton of customization anyway. Our children’s book webpage is built on that. ( if you want to see one in action.) Wouldn’t you have to pay to host a wordpress blog somewhere, too? Maybe you could do that for less than Typepad, I’m clueless on that stuff. I *hated* WordPress when I was on it a few years back, but I know a ton of people love it. *shrug*


  3. Hey if you’re writing about telepathic space narwhals, do you know about the “Star Whale” species in the Dr. Who mythos? Lovely concept used well in the current season’s episode “The Beast Below.”
    Here’s an overview of the star whales with SPOILERS for that episode:


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