Oh, y'all. I know it's been a long time since i posted. Sorry about that. We have just been smacked with one thing after another over here. First Ike had some kind of coughing thing for like a month, that he finally got some antibiotics for, then the wee one had a stomach virus the Monday before Thanksgiving, then the wee-er one had a fever and general malaise on Thanksgiving, so she was put on antibiotics for a sinus infection.

THEN, yesterday, I picked up the wee one from school and he was terribly sick. He couldn't tolerate any brightness, had a headache, neck pain, nausea – everything pointed to very rapidly onsetting meningitis. He'd been fine that morning, was dizzy at school so he went to the nurse, she sent him back to class because he had no fever, and by the time I got him to the pediatrician's office he was at 102 and could barely walk. The doc ran a quick flu test to help us decide if we needed to go to the ER or what. Well, the flu test came back positive. A relief, but also, DAMN. We had to watch the wee one last night to make sure it wasn't meningitis AND the flu, but by the morning his neck was better and his fever had lessened.

Now, this morning the wee-er one woke up throwing up. She's been throwing up all day. Can't even keep water down. We have just gotten some zofran for her and hopefully that will help. Our best guess is that she probably has the flu, too, and is also reacting to the prophylactic dose of Tamiflu she got yesterday.

I, too, have been mostly beridden today with aches and pains and congestion and a general feeling of terribleness, but no fever. My poor husband has been scrambling to take care of us and to keep Ike-a-saurus as far away from everyone as he can.

Did I mention all of the kids have been vaccinated against the flu? So much for that.

Did I also mention we're supposed to all drive to Cincinnati for Ike's next procedure – in two weeks? Care to place any bets on whether we'll have to reschedule?

It is a disaster up in here. What is the deal with December? It kicked our ass last year, too.

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