Ham and a roll

My friend Jote has started a lovely tradition, 30 Days with a Grateful Heart. If you're a mama, and you're in Austin, I'm sure you've heard of it. And you haven't, I urge you to check it out. It's just a simple, peaceful way to say thank you for the things you have. I've been trying to do it everyday, through posts on Facebook, though I admit that in the past few days especially, I've gotten behind.

So while I'm sitting here on the couch, eating Christmas ham tucked into a roll, listening to the dishwasher run for the 6,000th time today, hearing the quiet murmur of kiddo voices and a grandma telling stories upstairs, I just want to take a moment to be grateful.

Sure there are the big things like being grateful for having a nice house and money enough to pay the mortgage. And I am, of course, grateful for the small things like an ever present bag of M&Ms in the pantry and a cup of tea when I wake up in the morning. I'm grateful for the things every mommy is grateful for – the smiles and hilarity of her kids, the never enough quiet time away from the kids, the warm hugs and sloppy kisses from little ones who are so dependant – and so independant. All of that.

But there are other things I'm grateful for, too. Things that have colored my world more richly, added layers and depth that I never knew I was missing. I am grateful to have known such hardship that the simple, lovely Christmases like this one stand out with such fierce clarity. I think everyone can say that they are grateful for a paycheck and good health – but until you've known times when those things are absent you can't ever really know what it means to be truly, truly grateful for what you have.

Merry Christmas, Bloglandia. May you and yours enjoy the glow of the tree, a warm drink with a kick, and the deep down feeling of gratefulness that can only come when you really know how lucky you are.

Sloppy, tipsy kisses to you all.

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