2010, you treated us OK

decade of aughts ends
not with a whimper, but a
bang of contentment

When the Aughts began, I was newly married. I dreamed of kids, of maybe one day owning a house, and of a magical mobile phone that would allow me to find movie times.

Now, here we are, ten years later. My hair is whiter, my face has lines, my butt is bigger, but all those wishes up there have been fulfilled (though I don't have time to ever see any of the movies I can find the times for on my phone).

Ten years was so long ago I wasn't even dreaming of writing books yet. Well, I was dreaming of it, but never in a realistic "that could actually happen" way. And now, three books later I can't believe that back when I had ALL THAT TIME (no kids! crappy job! no Internet at work! barely Internet at home!) I didn't write like 16 books all at once.

Still, though, I'm happy with the progess. The babies came and the books followed. The babies came and the house followed. Somewhere in there Steve Jobs stole my idea and made an awesome phone for me to use to take pictures of the babies and books. And now here we are on the cusp of a new decade, a new year.

What are my dreams for the future? I hate to even say. The past couple of years in this decade have taught me not to look too far ahead. To keep dreams simple, attainable, day-to-day.

So for tonight, instead of dreaming big for the future, I am going to be big grateful for the past. I am going to enjoy the cacophony of the kids hollering at each other. I am going to worry about Ike-a-saurus and his new coughing ailment. I am going to eat a hot dog and drink some champagne and wait for the clock to switch over to the New Year. And when it does I am going to wonder at everything that has happened in my life – not just in this past year, but in the past decade.


And now to the toughest decision of the night: drink the bottle of 1995 Dom Perignon my husband found buried in the back of the pantry, or save it? I think that thing could pay for Christmas next year.

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