Please forgive the ensuing language

Those cocksuckers at Caremark did this. Well, they didn't come to our house or the store or hospital in Cincy or wherever and infect Ike with RSV, but they might as well have.

They denied all our appeals for Synagis. They disputed letters from our pediatrician. Sent ME a nasty letter saying Ike would not qualify.

Because of his age.

The medicine is dispensed based on weight. Ike is THE FUCKING SIZE OF A 16 MONTH OLD. He has chronic lung issues. The AAP says Synagis is indicated for premature babies and other babies AT THE DOCTOR'S DISCRETION. But Caremark denied us anyway. They drew it out for so long, we don't even have time to fight with Medicaid about whether or not THEY will approve it.

I hate Caremark with the same fiery hot anger that I saw in Ike's doctor's eyes when he said the RSV test was positive.

Thank-you, cocksockers, for not approving a medication that could have prevented this. Now my baby has RSV – a respiratory virus that can be fatal or cause long-term permanent damage in children like him.

The only reason we aren't in the hospital is because we have oxygen, equipment and access to nursing at home. Which doesn't mean he won't be hospitalized, it just means he isn't right now.

So, fuck you, Caremark. I hope you enjoy paying for all of the medications and therapies we'll need that we wouldn't have needed otherwise. Because now, instead of saving the money you thought you did by denying us the Synagis, you've cost yourselves a shitload more.

And also, the whole pediatrician's office is so angry I think they might grab some pitchforks and torches and track you fuckers down.



12 thoughts on “Please forgive the ensuing language

  1. I hope things clear up for you guys quickly.
    I also hope someone writes “This bill due to earlier denial of Synagis.” on every single bill that gets sent to them.


  2. I’m not sure if it would do any good now, but have you tried calling Lloyd Doggett’s office? He’s good folk, and might have some clout if HIS staff called & sounded angry. Or could get Medicaid appeal fast tracked.
    Also, fuck you Caremark. Nothing like profit, eh? I’m glad it’s going to hit you the only place it hurts.


  3. I am right there with you. Ruby was denied this year too. The fucked up thing is Ike’s bills from the ER probably cost as much as 2 months of the shots. Add in the o’s and what not I bet it works out to be cheaper than the damn shots.
    Ruby would have qualified if she had needed oxygen in the last 9 months.
    I am so sorry he has RSV. Poor baby. He’s tough and so are you.


  4. Good God. You’re kidding?! WTF! Like, what are the circumstances for which they WOULD have approved? I really believe Ike is the poster-child for receiving this medication. Keep fighting! Jerks.


  5. If you get an angry mob together, I’d join up in a heartbeat. Screw those a-holes. Prayers for Ike, the littlest toughest fighter.


  6. I hate insurance companies, I hate dealing with insurance companies, and just reading your post I feel that same frustration welling up inside me that I get when dealing with them with my own kids.
    Fuckers. Let me know when the posse leaves, I’ll bring my pitchfork and torch too.


  7. Hi, I’m sorry that Ike has RSV. Forgive me but what is it? Somebody tell me. I have to agree with you about the insurance companies. They are all bastards. Every time I have to deal with them my blood pressure goes up 100 points. Prayers for you and Ike.


  8. Grrrr grrr grrrr. I’ll bring my pitchfork and my ice auger. That will scare the crap out of them.
    Keep fighting. We’re fighting with you.


  9. Are they going to approve Synagis now? When my “fearsome 3some” got RSV and was admitted, en masse, to adjoining rooms at our hospital, SUDDENLY my youngest was eligible to receive it for the last 3 months of RSV “season”. Hoping for a quick recovery. HUGS


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