If you hear sirens….

She has great big eyes!
She's such a sweet little girl
Yeah. Her name is Ike.

The time has come. Ike-a-saurus needs a haircut. At 29 months, he's well past the time little fellas usually get a cut, but we were busy and wimpy and didn't want to get any little hairs in his trach. Plus, it took forever for him to even have any hair. Once it came in, it was so fluffy and curly on the sides, who could bear to cut it?

So, yeah, mostly wimpy.

But now, after hearing someone call him a her for the six millionth time, we're ready. And we're going to attempt to do it (wait for it) AT HOME.

Cutting his hair at home has several pros and cons:

1. Not exposed to ebola when sitting on never santized fire engine hair cutting seat
2. Can take a break halfway through when he runs away screaming
3. Can possibly cut his hair while he is sleeping
4. Free

1. Cut chop off an ear and/or stab him by accident
2. Cut off a parental finger or cause substantial wound in finger/hand
3. Make it appear as if the haircutting was done by a firecracker explosion
4. Can't find a comb

As you can see, we have thought this through with lots of detail and planning. We will attempt the haircut sometime this evening, either during or after bathtime.

Stay tuned….

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