Some reasons why I might be grouchy today:

1. the white van behind me that kept honking and honking even though I was not the first car at the green light

2. the child that insists on talking over any other thing (radio, TV, computer, person) that is also talking

3. being reminded that at one time we had a bill for $167,000 for just, like, one day in the hospital

4. none of your business

5. bum knee

6. too much caffeine

7. laundry

8. spontaneous winter time on May 1st (though I like the rain)

9. knowing I have to deal with Medicaid travel in the next few weeks

10. no word on my book that's out on submission

11. crap everywhere

12. hands that look like crypt keeper hands

13. irritating phone calls wherein I'm made to feel like a nobody, even though I am only trying to PAY FREAKING BILLS

14. People who sing out their noses on TV

15. worry over Ike's teeth, which, yes, is a thing that is so simple I should be grateful to be worried about instead of something else, but I fear it's not so simple and some very traumatic tooth fixing is in the future and it makes me want to cry

16. Every time I write the word "grouchy" it initially comes out "grounchy"


OK, now it's time for things that don't make me grouchy:


1. NO TRACH! (which will always have to be #1 on lists like these)

2. The wee-er one is being very sweet today even though I have yelled at her twice. Sigh.

3. I have new eyeliner

4. There is a plan in place for dinner tonight

5. I'm writing a new book and I like it very much even though it's weird

6. The family "library" is almost complete

7. I did not stop the car, get out, and throw my water bottle at the windshield of the honking van because I am learning self-control, kind of

8. I have chocolate. Of many flavors and variety


What are you grounchy and not grounchy about today?

9 thoughts on “Some reasons why I might be grouchy today:

  1. I am grouchy about the never-ending demands for food from my children. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, pre-dinner snacks, AND dinner? C’mon guys, I’m running out of ideas!
    I am not grouchy because it is raining! Kind of. Close enough. Enough that I don’t have to water the garden tonight. I’ll take it.


  2. Oh, and I am grouchy because I have spent 2/3 of my grocery budget for this payperiod in the last 3 days, and my fridge is STILL EMPTY. What gives, people?


  3. grouchy because: i just spent almost an hour fishing out a kleenex that got sucked up in the vacuum attachment hose. because by 15 minutes in, i was totally invested to get that motherfucker out.
    not grouchy because: i have lentil and barley soup on the stove and strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert.


  4. Grouchy
    Not quite Listerine,
    Tastes soft and warm going down?
    Dog still eating poop.
    Not Grouchy
    After several years,
    Mouse working on new album,
    I’ll be their groupie.


  5. Grouchy: I still have not learned how to say no and so I am volunteering at the school in the morning after volunteering all day on Saturday and 4 hours today.
    Not Grouchy: Rain means my boys don’t have to do anything tonight and therefore, we don’t have to stress over dinner.


  6. Grouchy: Some so-called “perfect” parents want to make all the rest of us “real” parents feel bad because we actually aren’t perfect.
    Not grouchy: There is still coffee in the world and I can still afford it.


  7. Grouchy: AISD.
    Not grouchy: Cool weather is good for running, and rain is good for everything else, though we could use MORE.


  8. Grouchy: Husband is out of town and I had to make my own coffee. I am not skilled at making coffee, and I left out the stupid filter basket, resulting in a huge mess of sludgy coffee and grounds all over the counter and floor while I was trying to get the child ready for school—and no coffee. Plus, it’s cold.
    Not grouchy: Sun is out! Okay, so we need rain. But I like the sun.


  9. grounchy: non-stop rain. enough with the rain already. we set records for march and april. do we need to set a record for may, too?
    non-grounchy: so many things. no trach! coffee! leaves! birds! spring! kittens!


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