Ike flew through his procedure in Cincinnati like a man on a mission. Once Doctor Fancypants said everything looked great and Ike-a-saurus doesn't have to come back for a whole year (!), we all took a huge deep breath of relief. Or at least I did. And even though the doc saw a bit of narrowing in Ike's airway, he said it was nothing to worry about and his airway is "essentially a normal size for his age".

So we are not worrying.

Instead, we are spending a week at the beach!

It is so lovely, there are no words.



10 thoughts on “Vacation!

  1. I believe I might’ve already said this on Twitter but you’ll forgive me for repeating myself here, with more characters available:
    Also: every time you mention Dr. Fancypants I imagine Mr. Fancy Pants (the title character of this song (mp3) getting all like, “I spent six years in Fancypants Medical School for you to call me Mr.? HELL no!”


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