Making our way through the VORTEX OF BIRTHDAYS

The wee one turned 9 (NINE!) at the end of May. And now, just two days ago the wee-er one turned 5. I am going to have to create new nicknames for them because now they are huge and giant and full of ideas and plans to take over the world.

The wee-er one is quite enamored with being five, I can tell you that. She's like the Chuck Norris of little girls (or, I guess, she could be The Most Interesting Five-Year-Old In The World). This morning, she said, "I put more blue paint in this yellow and it's going to make extra green – [here she gives me a very serious, knowing look] – because I'm five." And then she said, "The paint smells worse the more I smell it…. [knowing look] Because I'm five."

"It sure is great how I can reach the applesauce in the fridge…. [knowing look] because I'm five!"

"I'm lucky to be so tall. [knowing look] Now that I'm five.

I have to get her a big mustache and make a video of this. Seriously.

The wee one is less enamored with being nine because it means he is "almost ten and that means I have to pay for things by myself and do more chores." Yes, but it also means he can stay up later and sleep later and give me good suggestions for new books to read. So being nine isn't all THAT bad.

Next up, Ike-saurus will be – wait for it – three. No really. He'll be three at the end of August.

Clearly, someone has hit the fastforward button. Or, as Ike-a-saurus would say, "Holy crap! Mine memote is on fast!"

Indeed. Mine memote is definitely on fast. Maybe the wee-er one grabbed it and it short-circuited from the mere touch of her energetic fingers – [knowing look] because she is five.

2 thoughts on “Making our way through the VORTEX OF BIRTHDAYS

  1. OMGoodness, that quote from Ike is hysterical. And I love that the Wee-er one is so into her five-ness. Hope it’s less dramaful for you than 5 has been here for the last six months. Gadzooks.


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