Five Things I’ve Learned From Facebook This Morning:

1. You can win $10,000 AND get to live in a science museum for 30 days. This is the kind of thing I dreamed about when I was a kid. Space camp, and getting trapped in a museum. (nerd alert, I know)

2. Watch out if you're in Sulawesi, a crested black Macaque might steal your camera and take pictures of itself for its twitter avatar.

3. There are still awesome jobs out there.

4. I could fly to NYC and back for super cheap next week. So tempting. I haven't been to New York in one million years. And I could say Hi to my agent and editors. (But I'd have to line up child care, rustle up hotel money, figure out how cabs work, make sure my NY people actually had time to say Hi back, etc.)

5. This lady.

Now it's time for me to wrench the children away from their various television-type devices and force activity on them until they all start screaming and fighting and I give up and let them go back to their television-type devices. That's how I spent a lot of my summers when I was a kid, right? And I turned out JUST FREAKING FINE.

Also, I might make some muffins.

I have no idea why I'm blogging any of this. You don't care if I'm going to make muffins. Though, you will care when I post pictures of the burnt results and the firefighter footprints across the kitchen floor. So get ready for that.

In other news, it is so hot outside, I went out to inspect the gross white trilobites that have taken up residence on my tomato plant and my eyelashes spontansously combusted. And then I got a ticket for violating the burn ban.

No. That did not happen.

But it could.

If I could ever stop writing this blog post.

Which, at this point, seems unlikely.

3 thoughts on “Five Things I’ve Learned From Facebook This Morning:

  1. But what *kind* of muffins will the firefighters rescue you from?
    In the days before we left for vacation, I was actually using the threat of being sent outside as a tool to stop the fighting. Who exactly decided that settling in Texas was a good idea?


  2. This is a good question, Claire. Maybe very limited blueberry muffins. Or some kind of cereal-based muffin. Clearly, we have nothing to actually make muffins out of.


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