It feels weird to call today Ike-a-saurus' one-year decanniversary, because he was in the PICU and sedated and was intubated and all of that, but still. On this day a year ago, the trach came out! THE TRACH CAME OUT!

Here's the post. (Which I found, but didn't read, because, yeah, maybe not ready for that yet.)

In stark contrast, today has been full of such mundane things that I nearly forgot it was the anniversary. The kids are on their way to the grandparents' house to play with a new puppy, and I am on my way to sign some books and speak on some panels at a book festival in Laredo.

It kind of blows my mind.

My little dude has been breathing through his face for a whole year. How about that?

Fuck yeah.

4 thoughts on “Decanniversary!

  1. Good meeting you today! Wish I could have heard the panel! I think I would have had a zillion questions for you! The writers workshop collided! Love the haiku- already read a few- and I agree with your last sentiment about your son’s success. Double Fuck Yeah! 🙂


  2. “From my purview over the past 30 years, there has been a clear distinction between the CIO and CMO,” noted Lisa. “And in many regards it has been an arm wrestle of a relationship. I’m in my fourth gig as a CMO; in the past, the requests and requirements that marketing has for technology have fallen very far down the list from the requests of sales and finance and other functions seen as revenue-critical. At the same time, marketing was very stove-piped, and collaboration with IT was nonexistent.”


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