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Ike-a-saurus is three today! How about THAT, you guys?

It was 11:50 AM on August 25th, 2008. I'd spent 30-ish days in the hospital and it was all leading up to this one moment. The nurses were stripping off my tshirt and tossing a gown over me, they were fiddling with the IV, giving me a shot of something gnarly to drink, whisking the bed down the hall. My husband was all gowned up trotting alongside us, and suddenly I was having the most surreal birth I could ever imagine. It was everything the opposite of my other two births, and yet… the outcome was the same. A beautiful baby. And now that tiny, tiny beautiful baby is three!

Holy cow.

This morning, we took him to the fire station down the street so he could have a tour and see the trucks and be very serious as he answered all of the firefighters' questions. He had on his fireman hat, his boots, and he borrowed his sister's shirt that looks like a firefighter jacket. We were quite the vision of firefighter reverence as we walked up the sidewalk.

(And can I say how much nicer it is to visit the firefighters at their house instead of having them come to ours? Ha.)

It was a wonderful morning, and I give huge thanks to Fire Station 20 here in Austin. Firefighter Steve was our spontaneous tour guide and he was wonderful.

Now it's time to decorate the cake and maybe take a nap. I wish we could have all of you over for a party! I want the whole world to celebrate Ike-a-saurus turning three. All of you helped us get here and I will never, ever forget that.

For Ike's big present today we got him (of course) a toy fire station. But for his other big present, we're going to set up a regular monthly donation to the Mother's Milk Bank of Austin. They have a picture of him in the lobby, so how could we not? 🙂 If you're thinking about celebrating this milestone with us, I invite you to donate to the milk bank in honor of my sweet boy and everything they've done to help us grow him into a healthy beast.

Or you can go shake a fireman's hand.

Or both!

Happy Birthday, Isaac Sawyer. Your mama loves you so much.


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