I really think facebook and twitter are killing my blog

And I hate that that's true. I'm going to have to start setting aside dedicated time to write here. I feel like the poor blog is getting ignored these days. Part of that is just being busy, but another part is that it's easier to go onto facebook or twitter and post a funny sentence or two, and then go about doing whatever it is that's preventing me from sitting and blogging.

Like, right now, I just interrupted this blogging to tweet:

"I am not a horse!" "YOU AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRE A HOOOOORSE!" "I am not a horse!" "YOU AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRE!" #sundaymorningkidfight

I always, always have this little voice in my head saying, "You should be spending this time writing your book. Finish your book!" and that little voice is right. (Except that little voice has to find me a place to write, where I'm not listening to the "you are a horse" fight, because it's loud and distracting.)

There's something about blogging that I still love, and I don't want to stop doing it. I'm just going to have to get better at it. My time management is not all that great right now (see interrupting tweet above). Probably because I only have about three hours to myself everyday once the kids go to bed (if I don't fall comatose onto the couch and if I'm lucky and they actually go to sleep on time). There's a lot to cram into those few hours. Too much.

Anyway, while I'm trying to figure out how to stop posting blog posts like this, and start posting interesting ones again, I invite you to follow me on Twitter. I'm @haikumama. I'm also @karianneholt if you're interested in what's happening on the writing side of things.

I realize that last paragraph just completely contradicted the idea of this post, and there's probably something insightful I could say about that, but someone just came into the room with a wagon and a ukelele and now I'm distracted.

Happy Sunday morning to you all. I hope your horse fights are quiet and have a bloody mary chaser.

6 thoughts on “I really think facebook and twitter are killing my blog

  1. Just remember some of us are Luddites and reading blog posts are about as far in as we are gonna get. I cannot commit to the Twitter! Love your blog.


  2. I agree with the above. I cannot get with Twitter or facebook. your blog is much more personal to me. Please come back to us in the original form. We love you.


  3. I know myself, social network absorbs our attention for a long time. Unfortunately, often we just waste out time using facebook and tweeter instead of doing something really useful.


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