As the Foot Turns

From this morning, A Scene:

Foot doctor: [eyes go HUGE]

Me: It's OK, I slammed the door on it. But just a little bit.

Foot doctor: A little bit?

Me: I swear it's fine.

Foot doctor: "Does it hurt when I do this?"

Me: Nope.

Foot doctor: [eyes me skeptically]

Me: I swear it's fine.

Foot doctor: It could just be soft tissue damage. If it still hurts in two days, come back for an x-ray.

Me: It doesn't hurt at all compared to my ankle.

Foot doctor: Your ankle?

Me: Yeah, that's actually why I'm here. Remember the whole cast thing?

Foot doctor: Oh, right! Yes. Let's have a look.

Me: It still kind of pinches.

Foot doctor: It will probably stop doing that when you stop slamming it in doors.

Me: touche.

So, the good news is that my torn ligaments in the whatever part of my ankle area seem to be almost all mended up, other than some pain and swelling when I do stupid things like stand up for 14 hours straight or slam doors without being careful.

The other good news is that I (narrowly) avoided yet another x-ray this morning by not yelling and flinching when the doctor pressed on the new bruises.

The bad news is that when I went into the exam room, the exam chair/table thing had one of those chuck's pads on it. You know, for when your body is leaking? The chuck was at the foot of the chair/table, as one would expect in a *podiatrist's* office. I, however, did not immediately put two and two together and so I sat on the chuck, precariously balancing at the edge of the chair/table. The nurse was all, "You can scoot back."

And I didn't understand.

That's right. It took a full five minutes for me to realize, "Ooooooh. You don't sit on a chuck at the podiatrist. That's only at the OB/GYN."

At least I left my pants on.


Two more weeks in a stretchy ankle brace and then I'm good. (Ankle-wise. I'm still working on this whole not-being-an-idiot thing.)

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