A day in the life…

I spent much of this morning deconstructing gym clothes and spraying them with fake blood so I can be a proper zombie for Austin's Comic Con this weekend. Much ripping of fabric, rubbing it in dirt and sticks, then spraying on the blood, and rubbing some more dirt in it for a good effect. It was fun, but it left my hands crazy red.

Normally, this would be no big deal. I don't usually go anywhere or do anything other than write and pick the kids up from school.


Tonight, though, was my first meeting as a member of the Mother's Milk Bank of Austin's Board of Directors. So, yeah, probably should have used some forthought before I got my hands all bloody and stained.

The meeting was amazing – the Milk Bank is amazing – and I am stunned and excited to be a board member. I'm also pleased to say that the other board members are all polite enough not to say, "I'm sorry, but what exactly is going on with your hands?"

My answer would have been, "Oh, you know, just zombiefying some activewear this morning."

But luckily, I didn't have to answer.

This post should probably be one of those sentimental weepy things where I get all sniffly about how becoming a board member is taking my family's journey with the milk bank full circle. After donating for a bit, and then receiving milk for so long, and the fact that without donor milk Ike would have been in even more dire straights than he already was – yeah – I could totally do a weepy "And now here we are!" blog post.

Instead, I like to step away from the moment and think, man. You know things have a reached a new normal around here when I can stain my hands nice and bloody while creating zombie activewear, and have a board meeting the same day, and it's all part of the everyday flow. Wild.

Probably shouldn't have just used the word "flow" there, should I?

Now they're going to kick me off the board for being gross.

Well, no matter what, it was a fun time tonight and, if they weren't too scared of me, I look forward to future meetings. That won't be anywhere near Comic Con, and thus will be attended with all appendages colored the way they should be. Unless there is an accident with Christmas decorations, which is always a possibilty.

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