Comfort food

After spending hours and hours and hours in labor with my firstborn, I was starving. My request? Angel hair pomodori from Romeo's.

After only a few hours in labor with my secondborn – but still starving – what was my request?
Angel hair pomodori from Romeo's.

In the hospital, waiting for Ike-a-saurus to make his appearance? What did I eat?
Yes. Angel hair pomodori from Romeo's.

That was the dinner I had on my birthday, during a wonderful party, on September 10th, 2001 – a lovely memory I have of the night before the world spiraled out of reach for a time.

Every special occasion, every moment that needed cheering, every time I had a meeting and a choice as to where to meet, I always went to Romeo's and had that comforting bowl of steaming pasta, vegetables, pine nuts, extra parmesean. It's been my goto Fancy Meal for over a decade.

But not anymore. Romeo's is gone. Doors closed.

A lot of restaurants come and go in Austin. It's the nature of the beast, I guess. And over the past few years, Romeo's had raised their prices to such an extent we barely ate there even if we did want to celebrate something. I can't help but think, though, that an era has passed. I will have to find a new celebratory dish. A new place to go where I can hide in a dark corner and laugh with friends and get sauce on my nose.

Good-bye, Romeo's. 

I raise my empty pasta bowl to you, and wish you the best.


After some sleuthing, I've discovered Romeo's is only temporarily closed. ANGEL HAIR POMODORI FOR EVERYONE! (As soon as the new wiring is completed inside the restaurant.)

6 thoughts on “Comfort food

  1. Rumors are flying, but the wiring thing is not true. Romeos is closed for good and I’ve heard that someone else is already contracting to lease the space. (the Zilker neighborhood grapevine is pretty amazing).


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