So here’s a thing I wrote

I sometimes forget that there are Facebook friends and Twitter followers and blog readers and that these are often groups of different people instead of one group of all the same people. Granted, a lot of the people are the same, and this creates a kind of Venn diagram of people annoyed by Kari in varying degrees.

All of this is to say I wrote something new for McSweeney's. Probably 90% of you already know this and are surely tired of hearing me talk me about it. But just in case you haven't heard me squealing for the past few days, then TA DA, check out this essay full of synonyms for vagina and jabs at certain Republicans determined to boss ladies around about what they should and should not being doing with their ladyparts.

I present to you, An Open Letter To The Tiny White Man The Republican Party Has Sent To Live In My Underpants

Enjoy. (And if you don't enjoy, don't yell at me. Thanks.)

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