I should do something today

besides spill a container of yogurt all over my legs and kitchen floor. Thankfully, I can check that off my list.

I can also check off the list:

Watch Blue's Clues
Fight about eating food vs. drinking Boost
Make reservations for Cincy trip in June
Panic a little about Cincy trip in June
Think about going outside
Worry about  amount of bugs outside
Worry about amount of bugs inside
Try on new bra, ordered from Internet because the mall is gross
Think about the things I should be writing but am not writing
Pay a couple of bills, but not all of them, because that would be overacheiving
Think of almost-but-not-quite-funny Super Moon jokes
            "Let me finish this bag of M&Ms and I'll show you a super moon"
            "The neighbor was out gardening, and whoa THAT was a super moon"
            "Uteri everywhere huddle together, awaiting the super moon."
Think about making dentist appointments for the kids, don't make dentist appointments for the kids
Debate just giving in and letting Ike enjoy an all-liquid diet forever
granola bar

Pretty successful morning so far, I guess. But now it's time for the real work to begin.

*flexes fingers, stretches arms, discovers Ike-a-saurus has gone out front without me*

Outside, it is!

Have a nice, productive day, everyone. 

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