Wherein the children and I pull one over on an unsuspecting dude named Justin

I was reading to the kids tonight and I got a text message.

"Hey," it said, innocuously enough.

I didn't recognize the number, but it looked vaguely familiar so I texted back, "Hey, who this be?" (Terrible attempt at being sort of funny in case I was supposed to recognize the number.)

Answer, "Sorry, wrong #, my mad honestly. But justin if ur wondering."

The kids and I weren't sure what this meant, but guessed that Justin was probably trying to say "my bad" unless "my mad" is a new thing people say when they're texting, which is a true possibility seeing as how I desperately try to ignore any and all texting abbreviations or slang. The kids and I agreed to be friendly sorts so Justin didn't feel bad.

I text back, "Ha. Well, good luck finding who you're looking for, Justin."

End of coversation, right? Wrong!

Justin texts back and says, "Okayy thanks. and would it be rude to ask ur name?"

The kids and I shared some glances and derisive hmphs and agreed that, yes, this was slightly creepy. I admit I did briefly think about just giving him my name and saying Bye, and then the nearly 10-year-old was like, "Um, isn't Justin a stranger?" And so, yes. I was like, "Crap! Yes. You're right!" Then I remembered to be a mom and told the kids you never give your name to a stranger, even if you are goofing around on your phone. (Well, I didn't say it exactly that way – I said it more parental-ly, and smarter-like.) Pretty much: your name + strangers = NEVER DO IT ESPECIALLY ON THE INTERNET OR AN INTERNET TYPE DEVICE EVEN IF YOUR MOM ALMOST FORGOT THAT RULE FOR JUST A VERY TINY BRIEF SECOND.

End of lesson, right? Wrong!

Instead of just letting creepy dogs lie, the kids and I decided to make up a name. Because this is what you do. We ran through some possibilities like maybe June or Myrtle or Augusta. Then the nearly 10-year-old had the best idea ever.

"Mom," he said, very seriously. Then with a grin, "You should tell him your name is Justin, too. That would be hilarious."

BAM. Perfect. That's my boy.

So I text back, "My name is ALSO Justin."

And we wait and wait and wait for a response, giggling and snorting.

Justin's response? "Really?"

And then he puts it all together and we get a withering "Whatever."

The children and I busted up laughing and I struggled to finished reading, and then we all agreed we had enjoyed a lovely lesson about… uh… messing with people who have the wrong number? How to successfully complete a reverse prank call? I'm not sure. But it was hilarious.  Poor Justin.


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