May we never do that again

For those of you who weren't on Facebook or Twitter (or just hearing my screams on the wind), here are the highlights from our road trip to Cincinnati:

Third-degree ankle sprain and boot
Terrible car accident (NOT involving us, but terrifying)
Wheelchair use at the zoo
Food poisoning

HOWEVER, Ike-a-saurus made it through his procedure with such flying colors we don't have to go back for two years! His airway is the same size as a typical child his age (if not even a smidge larger). He made it out of anesthesia without needed supplemental oxygen – for the first time EVER. We were out of the hospital and back at the hotel in record time. Dr. Fancypants was in a charming mood and made a joke about the boot on my foot (How did you fall down? Were you drunk?). We ate donuts, we played firefighter with the anesthesia mask – the hospital part was OK.

It was the rest of the trip that nearly killed us. It was so bad, in fact, that when we made it back to Texas we left the kids with the grandparents for a week so they could have an *actual* vacation filled with swimming and pizza. This way, my husband and I could go home and sleep and sit in the quiet and look at each other and be all, "Um, WTF just happened?"

So. That happened. We did have fun visiting the zoo. And we had an exciting train ride across the Ohio countryside. There was a bit of vacation mixed in with the drama, and the long car ride was fairly nice in the fancy new minivan. But, really, we are all still recovering.


I'm not sure what the rest of the summer will bring. But as long as it doesn't include tiny bugs in people's hair, tornado sirens, or projectile vomiting in a hotel room with only one bathroom and five people, I'm good.

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