Oh, hi.

Hello, my peoples. What have you all been up to? I have been spending a great amount of time ignoring most current events and horrible political situations and, instead, concentrating on other things like ignoring laundry and ignoring the dirty floors.

"That's a lot of ignoring," you're probably thinking, and you'd be right. I've also been ignoring most recently created television shows and movies. I've been ignoring the need to go buy myself clothes that aren't older than my children. I've been ignoring balanced meals, and I've been ignoring the fact that my shoes don't fit quite right.

I've been ignoring this blog.

So what have I NOT been ignoring? My children (most of the time). The dark circles under my eyes (just got a new "serum" to test out). My Kindle. My bookshelves. My word processor(s). My notebooks.

I've been reading a lot (mostly George RR Martin and lovely middle grade novels like LIAR & SPY). I've been writing a lot (a new idea here, another new idea there, an old idea over there, a crazy hunch over here). I've been visiting schools and talking to kids about writing. I've been worrying about marketing my books, particularly the new one coming out next year.

I've not been ignoring my front porch. I've not been ignoring the bees in the flowers. I've not been ignoring the sun that bathes my backyard in this golden glow that is like some kind of soul tonic. 

I guess I have been living in my head for the past month. It's not a bad place to be, but it does make things difficult when you realize it's probably healthy to connect with the outside world now and again. I popped out of my head only to be met with news of a horrific rape trial and more missile interceptors being added to the coast of California. I was happy to retreat back into the comforting folds of my brain.

Now I am not sure what to do. There are plenty of things to be irate about. Plenty of things I could write about on the blog. Go on and on and on about, in fact. But it seems like the Internet has it all well-handled. If I am going to sit on the porch and write about rape culture and proliferation of nuclear weapons, who is going to watch these bees? Who is going to google recipes for the 1,000 pound bag of tilapia filets I just bought at Costco?

My head won't stay in the sand, I know that. Sandy heads eventually get even more irritating than non-sandy heads. But for now I'm enjoying these sunny spring days and these lovely books, and the invigorating, frustrating challenges of trying to write my own versions of lovely books.

I'm still here. And I can feel the low burbles of ideas I'd like to get worked up about, and how I would like to share that worked-up-ed-ness with you. So do not fret. Or, fret all you like. Ha. I'm sure something will strike me, and it will need to be written about in long, tedious ways.

Until then, I will be figuring out how to not torch the tilapia. I will be trying to pay a little more attention to the kids even when they insist on talking about Minecraft pigs. I will be sorting out plots and character arcs. And I will be watching these crazy bees. They really do prefer the pink buds to the white flowers. I wonder why? I could google it, I'm sure, but it's more fun to guess.