A moment from today

Ike-a-saurus and I were at the pediatrician's office today, and saw a doctor we don't usually see. He's an older gentleman, and is someone my other kiddos have seen occasionally. I know him, but not well – and he knows us, but not well.

The doctor looked through Ike's chart, checked him over, prescribed some medicine for a respiratory infection, made some small talk about Ike's vocabulary and former preemie-ness, and then said, "It's amazing what medical science can do now, isn't it?" I nodded, kind of half paying attention while I gathered up our things. 

He handed me the prescription, gave Ike some stickers, turned to leave the exam room and then stopped abruptly in the doorway. The doctor looked me right in the eye, smiled warmly, and said, "You've done well by that boy." Then he walked through the doorway, shutting the door behind him. I just kind of sat there, stunned, feeling ridiculous at the tears suddenly welling.

Sometimes it's nice, though, you know? To have someone you don't really know acknowledge how difficult things have been, and also acknowledge that you're on the other side now. (I mean, I hope we're on the other side. This gnarly almost-pneumonia/nebs-every-4-hours respiratory virus is shaking my confidence a bit.)

So many stories you hear about doctors have to do with their bad bedside manner, and how they treat their patients as disgnoses instead of people.  But not all doctors are like this. In fact, in my experience, most of them are not. Some even go farther than just rote kindness. They genuinely care.

Anyway, today's doctor visit was a surprising, touching moment in an otherwise mundane and moderately stressful day. I hope everyone gets a moment like that here and there. It was really nice.

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