Let me just recap the last week or so for you…

Coughing, fever, ear infection, paleness, worry, neb treatments, more neb treatments, ER, oral steroids, CRAZY TOWN, antibiotics, antibiotics, doctor, doctor, doctor, more neb treatments, milkshakes.

Ike-a-saurus, he of the non-stop talking and joking and asking of questions, has pneumonia. Actually, we found out today after visiting the pulmonologist, it is pneumonia in one lung, and atelectasis in the other lung, all compounded by a reactive airway (which is a fancy way of saying asthma). No wonder the poor child has been huffing and puffing.

Thankfully, we are now on day nine of Omnicef, day four of Bactrim, day four of Orapred, and day, I don't know, one billion? of xoponex neb treatments, so things have (knock on wood) turned a corner. He is bouncing off the walls. Literally. I AM SPIDERMAN WHO ARE YOU I LOVE YOU MOMMY WHEN IS IT TIME FOR A NEB I FEEL SO EXCITED ALL THE TIME WHAT'S ON TV CAN I HAVE A MILKSHAKE? The Orapred really helped get the little guy back into an easy breathing situation, which has been such a relief to see over the past 36 hours. Totally worth the insane chatter and crazy squirrel eyes.

So, really, the pneumonia and atelectasis weren't great at all, but the breathing problems and not great o2 sats were more a cause of the reactive airway/asthma kicking in because his lungs were irritated. Or at least that's what the pediatrician said and the pulmonologist confirmed.


Now we test out an albuterol inhaler and we decide whether a daily maintenance steroid puffer is something we want to start in the fall before school (be it pre-school or Kinder, we still haven't decided). 

Everyone always asks if, as a former preemie, Ike-a-saurus has asthma and I always say no. But I guess that's because saying, "he only has acute asthmatic symptoms when he has a respiratory virus" is way too complicated.

The hope is that if we decide to do the maintenance puffer then he'll be able to make it through the winter, in a germy environment, without having any colds settle into his lungs. That seems too good to be true, though I honestly worry about being on longterm steroids, even if they are inhaled. He's already so tiny.

Oh, well. I know this is the most boring blog post ever, but it helps me to write it all out. Now I feel like I've emptied my brain a bit and I can concentrate on other things… like drinking more coffee. Or, I don't know, passing out face first onto the couch.

At least we had no overnight stays in the hospital AND, when the pulmo looked us up in the system it had been two YEARS since we last visited. Those are things to be very happy about, even in the midst of drama. Now we just have to get this boy bigger and taller so that he can outgrow his reactive airway.

I'm working on it. Don't worry about that.

Did I already say whew? Whew again!

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