I know, I know…

Worst blogger ever. But I have a good excuse! A GREAT excuse actually. And it's not that I've learned to spend more time outside, or that I've decided to give up technology, or that I've taken up classical French cooking or any of that. It's because I've procured myself a job. (I mean, other than being a mama and writing books.) 



I've been working on writing samples and applications for a few months now. I've done some quick, secret trips out of town for interviews. I've searched my soul, tortured myself over whether or not this would be a good choice for me professionally, agonized over whether it will be a good choice for my family – whether it will be a good choice for The Future. And after two months of a constant upset stomach and sleepless nights I've finally committed myself. 

You are now reading the (private and un-affiliated) blog of the Deputy Message Coordinator (aka: speechwriter) for Leticia Van de Putte's campaign for Lieutenant Governor. 


I'll be traveling with the whole team, criss-crossing Texas, working on speeches, emails and blog posts, and trying to inject some humor and no-bullshit talking points into campaign rhetoric. Leticia and I have met several times, and while I had to promise to keep my language PG (or maybe PG-13 every now and then) we both knew right away that we're absolutely on the same wavelength.

I can see you sitting there, going, "Whoa! She's joked about being a speechwriter before, but I never thought she'd actually do it!" And… well… you're right. I haven't actually done it. April Fool's, nerds. (But, man, wouldn't that be a cool job? So cool.)

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