It’s always the shy girls

Quick note: sorry for the delay in posting. I have three novels coming out in within eighteen months of each other (is that right? I think that's right) and I have been ALL UP IN THE DEADLINES. Plus, the wee-er one's appendix exploded (she's fine) and then Ike-a-saurus got pneumonia (he's fine), and I started a gig writing for Things have been a little nuts. But I'm still here! And haikuoftheday is still here!

OK, so. Before all of the appendix exploding excitement happened, the wee-er one had been working really hard at mastering her electric guitar. She's been taking lessons for almost two years now, she did Girls Rock camp last summer and she's been realllly loving making some noisy music, especially lately. I love that she loves it, too, because she's always been sort of anxious and nervous and this gives her a fantastic outlet.

Anyway, she's always been a little hesitant about performing in front of people. She prefers to plug her headphones into her amp and work really hard perfecting a song before she plays it for anyone (if she'll even play it for anyone then). So I know she practices and has fun playing, but I don't always get to hear what she's working on. I know she's been working on some Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, but also there's also been some Pack AD and Creature and, of course, Joan Jett.

She had a recital show last summer and was super nervous about performing in front of people, but she was able to tamp down all her nervousness and get out on stage and really rock. She had a blast, and I think it helped her knowing that a lot of rock stars are actually introverts, as weird as that seems.

A couple of days later I got a call from someone claiming to be a talent scout who had been at the show, and I was highly skeptical. Talent scouts aren't known for going to kids' guitar concerts, right? It seemed kind of scammy to me. But this lady was persistent. She wanted to sit down with G and talk to her about music and what she likes to play and who her favorite bands are, etc. It all still sounded a little strange (even after I vetted the company she worked for, which was legit), but honestly, nothing stranger than anything else that ever happens in this family. I said we'd meet her over topo chicos at a local bakery.

Well, she and G hit it off. They talked for a couple of hours, and G had brought her acoustic guitar with her and played a little for the lady. It was a fun afternoon, very low key… and then we didn't hear anything back. Weeks passed, and then months and then with everything that's been going on, I kind of forgot about it. Until last week when I got a phone call. Lots of apologies for having taken so long to get back to us, and a question….

Would G like to play with Joan Jett on tour? She could start when Joan comes to Austin in a few weeks. Joan Jett is apparently starting a mentoring program. Music lessons every day, tutors on the road, everything you can think of, and a handful of kids trade off jamming at the shows. The lady had liked G so much she thought she'd be perfect for the gig. 


I think I was quiet for about five minutes while I tried to register everything.

And then I quietly hung up the phone because none of this true and I'm playing one of those jokes people play on the first of April. Sorry! G really does play guitar, and she really is fantastic at it, but we haven't met any scouts yet, and Joan Jett isn't having kids play at her concerts (can you imagine being eight and going on tour? Haha, and YIKES). 

We will be in the audience at the Joan Jett concert, though. Just not on stage. 🙂

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