A dog’s cry for help
after four doses of pills
motives are unclear

Howdy folks.  Adam here, getting a late start to the guest blogging.  Just to maintain continuity with my estimable sister-in-law, I’d like to talk about Kari’s dog.  See, I’m taking care of Kari’s dog whilst she and the family are on vacation.  And he’s a great dog, very sweet, friendly (or at least he’d like to be.  My dogs tend to crowd him out if he tries to get too close).  But he has this thing–at about 9:00 or so, he starts whining, and I don’t know why.  He has ear issues, so at first I thought it was that.  But Kari helpfully supplied me with exactly four (!) different medicines for his ears, and I’ve judiciously, and at some personal risk, applied them all.  And when the dog whines, he doesn’t fuss with his ears or anything.  And he gives no other sign for what he wants.  My dogs (I have two of my own) tend to make it obvious what they want (really, the only thing they ever want is to be let outside so they can dig under the fence and make merry around the neighborhood).  But Kari’s dog is a mystery.  He just sort of sits there and whines.  It’s kind of funny, because my wife and my two dogs all just sort of stare at him and he stares back at us and there’s just this big communication void between us and the dog.  After a few minutes, he just stops.  And he seems happy enough, at least when I’m not giving him four different kinds of medicine.  He goes outside with me and chases a ball around and even plays a little bit with my dogs.  So I don’t know what’s up with the Mystery of the Whining.  I guess he could miss Kari.  So Kari, if you’re reading this, know that your dog misses you between 9:00 and 9:15 or so every night.