It was close

Yesterday morning at about 8 I started having really painful contractions and more bleeding. They weren’t stopping and I started to feel pressure. Not pushing pressure, but still that familiar labor feeling. Then there was a decel with the baby’s heartrate and things started happening fast. The IV went back in, the nurses showed up in surgery hats, they brought scrubs for my husband (the baby is transverse breech so we are 100% having a csection and it’s going to be an up and down job, old-school). Then my doctor showed up. He did a sonogram and a cervical exam and neither one of those pointed to distress or labor. So it was a gut decision on his part. He said if we were at 28 weeks we would have had the csection. But at 25 weeks 4 days his gut reaction was to wait and try to stop the contractions and keep the baby in my belly as long as possible.

6 shots of terbutaline and one nightmare of a stadol trip later things calmed down. No one expected to make it through the day without delivering him, but here we are. We may only have five more minutes or hours until the red alert begins again, but yesterday is over.

Weren’t we just talking about ups and downs? Damn.



Contractions + baby still transverse breech + my doctor out of town + tropical storm due any minute + fire trucks at the hospital for a suspicious smoke smell = my guess is this baby is being born tonight via emergency c-section.

I mean, I truly sincerely desperately hope not, but you have to admit that through all of the crazy ass shit in this pregnancy, this would be the predictible way for it all to come together.

Not on vacation

Let’s see. Here are some other less cliché ways (?) to describe the highs and lows of being in the hospital:

Peaks and valleys
Apexes and bases
Waves and trenches
Horns and tails
Elbows and asses
As and Fs
:)s and :(s
Jon Stewarts and rush limbaughs
Dirty carpets and swept cherrywood
Almost OKs and extra shitties

Anybody have any other good ones?



Note the sprig of parsley. Classy!

Also note: I ATE some of this and it wasn’t as gross as you’d think. But I am desperate and depressed. My husband is out on a hunt for better food. If he gets something good I will forgive him for getting me pregnant.

Oh, the humor. It is dark today.

H to the O to the S to the this shit really sucks

Thanks to EPG for this. It’s a statusmeter

Kari’s mood is
scared shitless <—-x—————————>hopeful

Kari’s boredom level is
losing her mind<———————–x———>doing ok

The amniotic fluid level is

The food situation is
starvation diet<—————————x—>gorging

The doctors are being
asshats<——————–x——————>very helpful

Kari’s toenails are
needing new polish<———–x—————-> still shiny

The rest of the family is
going a bit nutty<———x——————-> having a good day

Tick tock

I am in the hospital now from here on out. I am the ticking time bomb right next to the nurses station!

Everything is less minute by minute and more second by second now, but reading the comments from you guys helps.

Thanks again to everyone. Please keep those good thoughts and prayers and everything headed our way.

And in case you were wondering, after you’ve been on a clear liquid diet, hospital food (especially chicken fried steak) kicks ass.