writin’ writin’ and more writin’

rusty wheels creaking
slowly steam pours out of ears
edits continue

I’ve been writing like crazy this week, trying to finish up a handful edits before the second draft of my manuscript is due in early July. I keep distracting myself, though, by still getting excited that Random House wants my book. I know it’s old news now and I should be over the thrill of it, but I can’t help it. Every time I sit down and spread out my manuscript in front of me, with the editorial letter on one side, my notebook just next to it, my laptop open and whirring contentedly… I have to take a moment to think, "Is this real? Like for REAL real? Am I really a writer? Am I really writing, not just because I want to and because I love it, but because someone else likes it, too?" And then I feel this overwhelming flood of gratitude and luckiness and ineptitude and guilt and I have to literally shake my head to make it all go away so that I can write.

It’s wild.

And as frustrating and solitary as writing can be, it’s also incredibly fun and even sort of miraculous. I’m constantly surprised by some of the things that appear in the book. Some days it’s like a perfect storm of seemingly inconsequential influences. And yet as I type, it’s like the characters take over and they write the book themselves. Things I would have never thought about or even imagined  suddenly appear. This happens despite all of my research, all of my notes, all of the outlining I’ve done – things just happen organically. I guess I shouldn’t be amazed by it, because that’s just how writing is. But I AM still amazed.

I have to go figure out how to disable an electric forcefield now.

Any suggestions?

I got the 411, yo

spreading haiku love
kind of like a haiku plague
but, you know, better

After my 6 week postpartum Jab N’ Rummage yesterday I was somewhat cranky. Just because jabbing and rummaging are uncomfortable, you know?

But then, on my way home, I checked the mail and lo! I got my copy of Toddler 411. Heading chapters 8 and 11 are two of my haiku. Cool.

This means I’ve successfully lured Dr. Ari Brown into the haiku fold. Who will be next? Bwa hahahahaha.

From the official announcement…

brain spinning wildly
so much going on right now
will I sleep again?

From the official announcement:

Haiku Mama author Kari Anne Roy’s MIKE’S TERRA BALL ADVENTURE, set in
2240, when Mike’s parents drag him along on a mission to colonize Mars
and he discovers a conspiracy which may land his parents in jail (or
worse, land him in detention), to Schuyler Hooke at Random House
Children’s, by Daniel Lazar at Writers House (NA).

(Children’s: Middle Grade)

I don’t have any release date details yet, and I know the title is probably going to change, but still… the word is out! How cool is that?


had a super time
though public speaking is hard
and makes me turn red

The signing at BookPeople went really well last night – thanks to everyone who showed up! Your support and encouragement and smiles and snazzy slings make me a happy person.

The reading was really fun, though I wish I had practiced. I didn’t think about how LONG it has been since I’ve done any public speaking. Eesh. I don’t really mind talking in front of groups, but I don’t like stuttering and turning blotchy. That seems to be a new thing in my repertoire.

Afterwards, I actually asked the nice BookPeople event facilitator, "Did I project? I was in drama in high school!" [insert head slap here] How does one manage to bring up high school at such inopportune moments? Ha. What a dork.

Anyway, it was really, really great fun and now I am thinking of just stalking the bookstore and trying to recruit people to come sit with me, kum-ba-ya style on the floor while I regale them with self-centered stories about why snot haiku is critical for a mother’s self-esteem. Fun!

Now I am off to gather supplies for the Wee One’s birthday party tomorrow. If I got luster dust to make a silver robot cake would that mean every kid at the party would still have silver innards when they turn 40? (oh, the tenses in that sentence.) I’m skeptical about metallic things you can supposedly eat. But a silver robot cake sure would look rad.

silver robot cake
carcinogenic, or fun?
difficult toss up

Holy Fartknockers!

Random House offer!!!
for my middle grade novel!!!
I just wet my pants!!!

My novel – the one for kids just a tad younger than YA – is going to be published by Random House! THE Random House – the one that publishes Judy Blume and Louis Sachar and Carl Hiaason and the Junie B Jones books! And they’re going to pay me. And release it in hardback before paperback. And I think I just fainted.

I am happily stunned into amazed and exhilarated silence. For now.



please come by, say hi
so I won’t be all alone
with finger in nose

The day after tomorrow – that’s Thursday, June 1st at 7pm – is my book signing at BookPeople. Please, if you’re in Austin, or near Austin, or able to teleport yourself to Austin, come visit me.

I think I get to talk and read some of the book and answer questions as well as sign the book. So even if you have a book already and don’t want another one, come by anyway.

Plus, there’s the added bonus that I could go into labor at any moment. Add that to Sharpies and watching me stumble over public speaking and you have yourself quite an evening of fun.